Overcoming Poverty, By Cooling the Planet™

We are in the business of systematically overcoming poverty within large-scale landholdings of the poor by implementing solutions that cool our planet. We develop businesses to help meet some of the world’s most pressing needs for renewable energy, food production and ecological security all while restoring the land and local ecosystems. Our businesses provide a community with an annuity stream of income from land rent payments and shared revenue while also offering investors market rate returns on their capital. The ecologically restored and economically empowered villages can then invite service providers and developmental organizations (NGOs) to work collectively through our online ACCESS Platform™ to comprehensively satisfy their needs today and to build the capacity to meet their future needs as well. We overcome poverty, by cooling our planet™.

The Largest Single Initiative to Overcome Poverty by Cooling our Planet

Join us, and the people of the Akyem Abuakwa Kingdom in Ghana, West Africa, to collectively transform their beautiful Kingdom, village by village. The Kingdom has 950,000 people in about 750 villages that are in need of basic infrastructure and services and 1.285 million acres of land in need of restoration and conservation. As far as we know, this is a first ever poverty reduction and climate mitigation endeavor at this scale to link 1) economic development drivers that provide a revenue share with 2) land and ecosystem restoration to cool our planet and with 3) specific solutions from NGOs and service providers to renew community vitality with enduring capacity building programs in a coordinated manner - to bring about what we call ‘perennial prosperity’™.

image: The Akyem Abuakwa Kingdom. Red area = First Phase

One Business Drives Exponential Impact

Our initial focus is to develop renewable energy projects which will launch enduring socio-economic and ecological impact initiatives for the Kingdom to systematically overcome poverty and to mitigate climate change - at scale. Our first initiative is a ‘net zero emissions’ 20MW biomass renewable power facility that pays the Kingdom hundreds of thousands of dollars in an annual income stream for 20+ years and helps meet Ghana’s critical power shortage. The annual income stream from these projects helps to socioeconomically and ecologically transform the Kingdom of about 950,000 people while offering investors market rate returns.

Our Clients Benefit – At No Extra Cost

Large multinational corporations (as well as their consumers and investors) can enjoy the benefit of buying ‘net zero emissions’ reliable, base load power that has the added benefit of helping them meet their corporate responsibility and sustainability mandates — at no extra cost. The consumers and investors of our clients also benefit from the added value we create in driving enduring socioeconomic and ecological impact. Our clients and their consumers and investors can all connect to our online ACCESS Platform™ to transparently see the systematic socioeconomic and ecological transformation of villages, thanks to their long-term purchase agreement.

Practical And Empowering

Providing one solution, like mosquito nets or clean water, does not overcome poverty as poor rural villages have many different needs. Because of this, we focus on satisfying needs comprehensively, addressing poverty in its many forms such as human poverty, energy poverty, ecological poverty. We uniquely do this by first creating jobs and an annual income stream in order to empower communities economically. With funds, communities can then invite service providers and developmental partners to work together to holistically satisfy today’s needs and develop the capacity to address future needs as well. We help manage this process in a fully transparent and accountable manner through our online ACCESS Platform™ so we can further scale and repeat our programs around the world. Read more about what we do.